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Ducky Bhai Monthly Income


If you’re a fan of Pakistani YouTube content, you’ve likely heard of Saad Ur Rehman, better known as Ducky Bhai. He’s a popular content creator known for his humorous and satirical videos, skits, and roasts. With millions of subscribers and an extensive online presence, Ducky Bhai has become a prominent figure in the digital entertainment world, Ducky Bhai Monthly Income.

Ducky Bhai net worth

$ 375K – $ 2.25M

MonthEstimated Earnings
July 2023$48.2K
June 2023$28.7K
May 2023$16K
April 2023$29.3K
March 2023$22.4K
February 2023$44.5K
January 2023$52.5K
December 2022$34.4K
November 2022$26.7K
October 2022$20K
September 2022$5.33K
August 2022$33K
July 2022$31.7K
June 2022$34.8K
May 2022$28.7K
April 2022$30.7K
March 2022$28.2K
February 2022$19.1K
December 2021$1.53K
November 2021$6.57K
October 2021$3.02K

YouTube Success

Ducky Bhai’s rise to fame can be attributed to his entertaining and relatable content. He began his YouTube journey in 2017 and quickly gained a following for his unique style. His videos often feature humorous commentary on various topics, including internet trends, celebrities, and everyday life.

Income Sources

Ducky Bhai’s monthly income primarily comes from various sources related to his YouTube channel:

  1. Ad Revenue: As a YouTube partner, Ducky Bhai earns money through advertisements that appear before, during, or after his videos. The more views his videos generate, the higher his ad revenue.

  1. Sponsorships and Brand Deals: Ducky Bhai collaborates with brands and sponsors for promotional content. These partnerships can be lucrative, as companies pay content creators to showcase their products or services to their large and engaged audience.

  1. Merchandise Sales: Many YouTubers, including Ducky Bhai, sell branded merchandise such as clothing, accessories, and digital products. The revenue from merchandise sales can be a significant part of their income.

  1. Live Streams and Donations: Ducky Bhai occasionally hosts live streams on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, where he interacts with his fans in real-time. Viewers can donate money during these streams, providing an additional source of income.

  1. Fan Memberships: Some content creators offer premium fan memberships that provide exclusive perks to subscribers who pay a monthly fee. These memberships can generate a steady income stream.

Estimated Monthly Income

While Ducky Bhai’s exact monthly income can vary, it is estimated to be in the range of several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. The main factors affecting his income include the number of views, sponsorships, and merchandise sales in a given month, also see meghan and prince harry latest news.


Ducky Bhai, the popular Pakistani YouTuber, earns a substantial monthly income through a combination of ad revenue, sponsorships, merchandise sales, live streams, and fan memberships. His ability to connect with his audience and create entertaining content has made him a successful and financially well-off content creator in the digital realm.


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